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Holidaying in the Algarve and Covid: your safety is our priority

Covid is here to stay, which is why GSC Hotels has adapted to the new “normal”, taking the steps necessary to ensure your holidays in the Algarve are safer than ever. Find out more about the measures we’re taking.

While we may still be able to catch the next plane out to any European destination, the truth is that not many of us feel safe enough to do so. That’s why GSC Hotels has made sure to increase the safety and hygiene measures we implement so that you don’t miss out on your holidays to the Algarve.

We know that these are very uncertain times, so we want to assure you that every condition possible is in place, allowing you to get away for a few days of rest that are, above all, safe.

The Portuguese are avoiding holidaying outside of Portugal, choosing a “staycation” down South this year, due to the excellent conditions they find down here. And we’re not only talking about the good year-round weather. Another factor that puts the Algarve on many tourists’ must-visit lists is our excellent cuisine.

Now, if we’re so sought after by so many, wouldn’t you expect the Algarve to tick a lot of your boxes as the perfect holiday destination? Get packing for a well-deserved break in the Algarve. The rest? Leave it to us.

Holidays in the Algarve during Covid: dos and don’ts

We provide disinfection stations in designated areas within all accommodation provided by GSC Hotels, so that our guests can ensure their hands are disinfected at all times.

Though we have implemented every measure recommended by the Directorate-General of Health of Portugal, each guest must do everything they can to keep themselves safe, which means following the safety measures applied within our hotels when outside them too.

When seated in outdoor seating areas of bars and restaurants – as well as on the beach – guests should always wear a mask (especially when travelling) and disinfect their hands regularly.

By maintaining these good practices, you ensure you are both protecting yourself and those around you. Now all you need to do is pick your spot in the sun.

GSC Hotels: our suggestions

If you’re planning a holiday to the Algarve during Covid, it’s crucial you choose accommodation that, as well as having all the facilities you look for, ensures your utmost safety for a well-deserved rest.

The excellent weather in the Algarve may just help you overcome your fear of leaving the house, in the full knowledge that our hotels are more than ready to welcome you. But don’t just take our word for it, trust he Clean & Safe badges awarded to all of our hotels by Turismo de Portugal.

And all these factors give us the confidence to say that it’s perfectly safe to spend your holidays in the Algarve, in one of our hotels. The hardest part will be choosing where to stay, so take your time adventuring through the immensity that is the Algarve coastline, and choose a GSC Hotel to stay in:

At the end of your stay, don’t forget to tell us all about your holiday in the Algarve.